Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's over

The relationship I had posted about a few times ended more than a month ago. I was really sad, the day of and the day after but after that the sadness was replaced with anger. He ended it because he wasn't ready for something serious. I had asked so many times at the start, I had been so clear about what I wanted, what I needed. I guess he didn't realize it until he was in for a few months. And obviously I don't want him to feel trapped, and not to have the life experiences he wants. He wanted a friendship, I want nothing. It's good this way. My friends took such good care of me the day after. They bought me so much chocolate, oreos, and other food. Every few minutes people were knocking on my door, couldn't even read a book. But two days later I was fine thanks to my awesome friends. I was more disappointed than anything else. Since then I have been on quite a few dates, none of them that have gone further than the second date. Either the guy has been nice, and sweet but nothing more there or I liked the guy and he didn't want to go out again. Which is fine. I have been keeping busy with some good friends, and my family. Things are good. Deffintley not as happy as I usually am, but kind of in a transition stage in terms of living, school, dating and some other things. It will all work out :)

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